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Once upon a time a poor boy from a village in Thailand decided to follow his father’s footsteps, to travel and explore the world. His father had told him there was a wonderful ‘treasure’ to be found. The journey was long and tiring, but he was determined to discover the treasure.

From Thailand he traveled to India, where he was captivated by the culture, aro mas of spices and taste of curry. Next he traveled to China, where he learned about their people, secrets of noodles and cooking by wok. The boy’s journey continued to Japan, where he was amazed by the skills of the sushi and teppanyaki chefs.

It was then the boy realized that he had found the ‘treasure’ his father had told him about. The ‘treasure’ was the journey itself, the cultures he found, the people he met and the cuisines he learned about. Now we can take you on his journey of discovery.